My Vision is to create Quality Internet Marketing Tutorials that helps Every Business Owners to Grow their Customers

"Prakash has a very unique philosophy about startups. I would say he is the king of value adding to a product or service. His skill sets on Facebook Ads & Google Ads is extraordinary. He has that ability to create ads that pops and makes you want it."

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Ann Smary,

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Formalities out the way, please allow me to introduce myself properly.

Hi, I’m Prakash and own four businesses mainly internet based ones.

Apart from that, im a Startup Mentor, Internet Marketer, Bird Lover, Introvert trying to play Extrovert Game.

This website is for satisfying my personal pursuite of helping young entrepreneurs with their startup challenges.

What i do?

For over a decade I've been doing the startup thing and also helping other businesses run winning ad campaigns.

I've given seminars & webinars on

  • Native Leads
  • Page Traffic
  • Nascom Startup Club @ Coimbatore
  • Info Park @ kochi
  • and more.

My Areas of Expertise:

Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Organic SEO, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Startup Mentoring

My Companies:

Sarobal, Rankedy, Clinic10x, Thakshas

You can connect me on social media

Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin